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It’s never been more clear which political party truly espouses freedom of speech, tolerance and diversity — and which demands conformity of thought.

Fellow Republicans,

In the last several weeks, Democrats have been digging for dirt on Republicans by monitoring personal Facebook posts, conversations and comments and trying to piece together a damaging expose based on a person’s personal beliefs.

It wouldn’t be much of a surprise if our elected officials were targeted – but now they are going after private citizens.

Unable to find a faux pas, misstep or gaffe on the part of an elected Republican, a local publication recently directed scrutiny toward that person’s spouse – poking and sifting through discussions via social media on current events and political issues. The resulting coverage can be described as a “hit piece” which speculates that the spouse’s Facebook posts will unduly influence that elected official’s judgment.

I refuse to give the publication in question any more attention – or add to the distraction for the individuals targeted – by linking to it or naming names.

The real issue is not whether the views of an elected official’s family member will somehow become “policy”, but whether we will allow freedom of speech and respect the right of a private citizen to participate in the exchange of ideas and concerns in our community.

And when that private citizen is a woman who dares to have opinions of her own, it’s particularly egregious. Guess what, Democrats? Women no longer “stay home, bake cookies and have teas”. Rather, they have become active and involved. They have – [gasp!] – their own voices! Remind me again which Party is supposedly waging a “war on women”?

I find it shameful, though not surprising, that a liberal-leaning publication wants to stomp on a private citizen’s first amendment rights and resort to yellow journalism tactics to create a scandal where there simply is none.

If this shameful invasion of privacy and crackdown on free speech disgusts you as much as it does me, would you consider making a small, one-time donation to the Spokane County GOP so that we can build up a marketing fund to deliver our message directly to the public “bypassing the filter of the media”?

A donation of $10, $25, $50 or more today will help us begin building up a fund to create print and broadcast ads that support our candidates, communicate conservative principles, and pay to get them seen and heard.

Your Spokane County GOP is more committed than ever in getting our message out and influencing local issues. Will you join us?



Dave Moore
Spokane County Republican Party

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