1011 E 2nd Ave Spokane, WA 99202

Questions for Ben Stuckart

  1. Spokane City Council passed an ordinance that prevents police officers and city employees from enforcing our federal immigration law – do you support sanctuary cities that refuse to cooperate with federal immigration authorities?
  1. You released a video on your Facebook Friday claiming that we need to move towards a single payer, government run health care system. What is your plan for implementing a single payer health care system, how do you plan to pay for it and will that come out of my pocket?
  1. In 2014, you forwarded an email regarding legal action the city would take against the local fire fighters’ union – one of your major campaign donors –violating the trust of the people you represent. How do can you claim to be above the influence of political donations and how do we know you won’t act so unethically if elected to Congress?
  1. On your website, you claim to support all amendments to the constitution. At a City Council meeting regarding greater protections for our students at are schools, you stated “I would never bring something forward that involved guns for somebody other than police officers.”  How can we trust you to support our second amendment rights?
  1. In a 2015 city council meeting regarding your immigration ordinance, you gaveled the meeting to an early close and turned your back on concerned citizens. Now you criticize our current Congresswoman.  Don’t you find that hypocritical? Why wouldn’t you allow people who disagree with you to speak their mind?
  1. I’ve heard from many business owners and read many stories about business affected by the minimum wage hike. Do you support increasing the minimum wage federally and what will you do when businesses close and people lose their jobs?
  1. You signed on to initiative 464 last election that would have required public financing of campaigns. Do you really think taxpayers should pay for campaigns?
  1. According to the Inlander, you admitted to using marijuana in the past and have said you planned to use it again. Marijuana is currently federally illegal – do you plan to continue using marijuana if elected to Congress?
  1. Following the resignation of Spokane Police Chief Frank Struab, Laura McAloon was put forth as the leading candidate for City Attorney. She withdrew her name after characterizing you as “toxic” and a “bully”.  Do you typically bully women to get your way and is that how you plan to operate if elected?
  1. Under your leadership, Spokane City Council adopted a mandatory sick and safe leave policy. This piece of legislation was held off until after the 2015 elections.  Did you wait to pass it because it was viewed as politically unpopular and do you think government mandates like this make it tough on current and new business in Spokane?

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