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Help us gather signatures to put the “Sanctuary City” repeal petition on the November ballot!

The Spokane County GOP has endorsed the petition to repeal language in the ordinance passed by the Spokane City Council in October 2014 that prohibits both Spokane Police Department officers and City of Spokane employees from inquiring into a person’s immigration status.

The 17-member Board voted unanimously to support the repeal petition. Some 3,000 signatures will need to be gathered and submitted by July 4 for the initiative to appear on the November ballot.

“Sanctuary city” is a term given to a city in the United States or Canada that follows certain practices that protect Illegal immigration. The term generally applies to cities that do not allow municipal funds or resources to be used to enforce federal immigration laws, usually by not allowing police or municipal employees to inquire about an individual’s immigration status.

“Establishing Spokane as a sanctuary city is yet another example of a pattern of overreach by the current Spokane City Council majority,” said Chairman Moore. “This ordinance clearly violates provisions in federal law with criminal penalties for ‘concealing, harboring or shielding from detection’ illegal aliens. The consequences of such a policy range from an increased economic burden to a safety issue. We are particularly concerned about the growing human trafficking problem that could grow unfettered when City employees are hamstrung from complying with Immigration & Customs Enforcement.”

“We encourage registered voters in the City of Spokane to show their support for legal immigration by signing the petition to get the initiative on the ballot in November,” Moore added.

Please download the petition here. It is 8-1/2″ x 11″ so you can print to any standard printer and make 2-sided copies. Or, contact 3rd District Leader Tim Benn at (509) 218-1250 for printed petitions.

Roughly 3,000 signatures will need to be gathered and turned in by early July to put the initiative on the November ballot. Volunteers are 1/3 of the way toward that. We are encouraging all Republican Precinct Committee Officers to be involved in this signature gathering effort – talk about it with your neighbors, coworkers, book club, Bible study or other group. If every PCO gathered just 15 qualified signatures from registered voters in the City of Spokane, we’d have what we need!

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