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Spokane County Republican Platform
Simple Version
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Individual Rights (Guiding Principles) (Policies)
We support the active enforcement of the original Bill of Rights as written and intended by the founders.

Right to Keep and Bear Arms (Guiding Principles) (Policies) (Resolution)
We believe in the right to bear arms in defense of our lives, property and nation from all enemies both foreign and domestic.

Property Rights (Guiding Principles) (Policies)
We agree that it is the right of all citizens to acquire, own, use, possess, enjoy, and dispose of private property as they see fit.

Limited Government (Guiding Principles) (Policies) (10th Amendment Resolution)
We believe that government is best when it governs least and is closest to the people.

Jobs, Economy and Currency (Guiding Principles) (Policies)We support balanced budgets, reduced regulations and limited taxation.

National Sovereignty, Immigration & Defense (Guiding Principles) (Policies)
We believe that America must have the strongest national defense necessary to defend our borders, our homes and our national interests.

Family Values (Guiding Principles) (Policies)
We support the right of families to be free to raise their children according to their personal morals, values and spiritual beliefs.

Education (Guiding Principles) (Policies)
We are dedicated to reaffirming the importance of safety for students and staff through a rigorous “back to basics” curriculum as determined by parents and local school districts.

Healthcare (Guiding Principles) (Policies)
We believe that the best healthcare model is one based around the principle of individual responsibility.

Infrastructure (Energy/Utilities, Transportation & Technology) (Guiding Principles) (Policies)
We believe that energy, transportation and technology are critical to growth and safety.

Justice (Guiding Principles) (Policies)
We believe that strict adherence to the rule of law as laid out in the US Constitution is critical to America. The American justice system exists to protect our liberties.