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Tomi Lahren Lincoln Day

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Social media sensation Tomi Lahren
to headline Spokane GOP Lincoln Day Dinner

Tickets for June 3 event go on sale next week

Spokane, WA, February 14, 2017 – On the heels of a gala to celebrate President Trump’s inauguration, Spokane County Republican Party Chairman Stephanie Cates announced over the weekend that 24-year-old political commentator Tomi Lahren will headline the Spokane GOP’s Lincoln Day Dinner on Saturday, June 3 at the Davenport Grand Hotel.

Early-access ticket orders are being taken this week from gala attendees as well as Republican Precinct Committee Officers. Tickets go on sale to the general public on Tuesday, February 21 via the web site, www.spokanegop.com.

“Tomi Lahren is a rising star in the political world,” said Cates. “There were sustained cheers from our gala crowd when I announced her as our speaker on Saturday night. She will bring high energy and star power to our signature fundraising event this year.”

The youngest political talk show host in history, Tomi Lahren is on primetime television with her one-hour self-titled show on Glenn Beck’s TheBlazeTV. Thanks to social media, even those who don’t subscribe to Beck’s TV network know who Lahren is. With over 4.1 million Facebook fans, every one of her signature “Final Thoughts” videos goes viral on the social media platform.

In the last election cycle, Lahren’s videos were at the nexus of the presidential race, a divided public and the fast-changing world of partisan media. Thanks to her influence, the Trump campaign brought her on board to convince millennials to vote for the Republican ticket.

Controversy is her specialty. As she recently told Sean Hannity on Fox News, she loves getting under the skin of the “tolerant” left.

“Last year with Dinesh D’Souza we had our biggest Lincoln Day Dinner on record, with nearly 800 attendees,” added Cates. “Based on interest from Republicans throughout the state and beyond, we anticipate an even higher turnout to see Tomi Lahren this year.”



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