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“Wow… wow… wow…”

That’s all CNBC host Joe Kernen could say when he and Andrew Ross Sorkin of “Squawk Box” interviewed Governor Jay Inslee about the Democrats’ plans to raise taxes immediately upon regaining power in Washington.

Americans, Inslee said, should elect Democrats so that taxes can be raised higher.

Since late December we’ve been hearing great economic news on a daily basis, thanks to tax reform. Companies are responding to lower tax rates by investing here at home, hiring more people, and offering bonuses, raises and 401K matches to their employees. Nancy Pelosi may dismiss these benefits as “crumbs”, but we know that real people in Eastern Washington are better off when we can keep more of our hard-earned money.

That’s why we need to make sure we re-elect Cathy McMorris Rodgers this year. Cathy’s leadership helped steer tax reform through Congress to the President’s desk. 

The contrast between Cathy and her opponent couldn’t be more clear. Lisa Brown never met a tax she didn’t like. As a state legislator, Brown led the charge to establish a state income tax when no one else in her Party would touch it. She also thumbed her nose at a clear directive by the voters who wanted a 2/3 supermajority to raise taxes — actually filing a lawsuit to have it overturned.  

Lisa Brown lists no policy positions on her web site, but make no mistake — she is chomping at the bit to raise your taxes.

It falls to us, the local Republican Party, to turn out our voters this year to re-elect our Congresswoman as well as help all of our other County and Legislative candidates down the ballot. To do this, we need boots on the ground, and we need donations. Can you help?

    If you can volunteer, please follow this link to fill out a volunteer form.


    If you can donate, please follow this link to make an online donation. (All money we raise stays right here in Spokane County to fund our grassroots Get-Out-The-Vote efforts.)

Let’s keep up the great economic momentum and optimism that President Trump has created in his first year! Getting strong support lined up now will help the local GOP defeat a powerful and organized Democrat machine intent on raising your taxes.


Stephanie Cates, Chaiman Spokane County Republican Party   Stephanie Cates
   Spokane County Republican Party

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