Election Integrity

Disclaimer: The opinions on this page have been collected from a variety of sources and for which the SCGOP “Election Committee” believes contribute to the ongoing discussion of elections in America, today. They are not necessarily the opinions or statements from the SCRCC board, the PCOs, or members of the Elections Committee. 

Statement: While we would like to believe that this page is not needed, it is.  If our elections were as simple as a one person, one vote cast on paper, counted by hand, recorded for review and audit, then there would be no need for this page. HOWEVER, we have allowed our elections to engage with computers, machines, and internet access, so that for some, there is no secrecy or transparency in the process.

The election process is now enveloped in a cloud of suspicion, which is also showing evidences of Truth that misbehavior is occurring. Transparency is being removed.

Work with us as we explore what are the challenges, do your part to identify and research anomalies. Help everyone by ensuring the discussion is clear so that everyone has the confidence to vote. We want every US Citizen that is 18 and over, to recognize and honor the value of your vote. Everyone that is qualified to vote, should vote.





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Equipment & Systems: (Learn about how machines, computers and internet access are impacting your elections.)

Spokane County 2022 Midterm election results passes state audit
(PDF Report)

  • Internet access
  • The Audio/Video (We are in the processing of segmenting this out)

Process & Systems: (Learn about the methodology/systems used for gathering and processing votes.)

Example: ELECTION OBSERVER MANUAL - (Spokane County Election Office)

Databases: (Learn about the Voter Data bases and the Canvassing projects that are used to ensure voter database integrity. When/where does the data become corrupted?)

Insights and Opinions: (As insights and opinions are identified, we will post additional commentary.)




o   Rumble with Joe Altman & Mark Cook.    https://rumble.com/v2gagxg-show-this-video-to-your-country-officials-machine-rigging-exposed-in-90-min.html  (Video 1:49:50)

o   0:01:00 -to- 0:12:00  Discussion on how, SQL Server "backdoor software" and thumb drives may unknowingly be used to modify elections when other programs are on the machines.

o   0:12:00 -to- 0:17:00 Schematic and how Manipulation of 2+ million lines of source code is impossible to identify 

o   0:17:08-to-  0:18:10  The Election Ecosystem (ballots mailed to records, not necessarily people). 

0:23:00 - 0:25:00  Argument for old voting system

o   0:28:00 - 0:29:00 corporations count your votes, and you can’t ask questions. 

o   0:30:00 - 0:32:00 Wireless modems plural yet disabled? Components made in China.

o   0:47:45 - 0:50:45 Discussion on  SQL, USB  & cell phone access

o   0:55:00 - 0:58:26 Testing standards today are based against  2005 standards (00:58:00 clear-vote testing standards)

o   01:01:00 - 01:02:30 SCYTL is referenced.  Foreign source for reporting election results.  01:11:45 -01:13:00 hi tech way to cheat

o   01:17:00 - 01:20:00 Signature verification.

o   1:34:20.  Need for “CVR’s” Cast Vote Record




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